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Geometria Descriptiva Nakamura Pdf Kymonia

Geometría Descriptiva - Láminas Punto Recta y Plano. dibutec. 1° Construcciones Básicas (Nakamura). Muroy, J.Laser-induced noncontact tip force detection with a fiber-optic interferometer and a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. We present a laser-induced noncontact method for the force detection of a small object by using an optical fiber interferometer with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator. The tip force detection by an optical fiber interferometer is based on the principle of optical transmission. A tilted fiber Bragg grating for the noncontact force detection is prepared by the polymerization of an acrylamide and a polyvinyl alcohol solution under ultraviolet irradiation. The polymerization of the acrylamide is caused by the photothermal effect of laser heating, and the polymerization of the polyvinyl alcohol is caused by the photo-Fries rearrangement of the vinyl groups in the acrylamide. The tilted fiber Bragg grating is used to detect the laser-induced evanescent wave that is formed at the tip of the fiber. By combining the liquid-crystal spatial light modulator and a fiber-optic interferometer, we can detect the displacement of a small object with high sensitivity and high resolution. for ' 'comments') else: self.parsed_payload['success'] = False be359ba680

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